What type of companies use Helix solutions?

Helix Health supports employers and municipalities of all sizes. The greatest benefits and cost-savings are realized by companies with the following profiles:

  • » Employee populations number over 50
  • » Employee populations that are at risk for chronic illness
  • » Employers with multiple locations
  • » Employers requiring frequent travel or relocation (interstate & international)
  • » Employers struggling with high-cost benefits claims
  • » Employee populations under utilizing existing corporate wellness programs
  • » Employers that contribute to pre-tax accounts like Flex, HSA and HRA

How can Helix Health impact workplace wellness?

Our economic solutions can be supplemental or provide support in lieu of company paid insurance or worksite wellness programs.

How can employees and employers both $$$?

Helix offers savings and affordable solutions for all stakeholders. Employees and employers can both save money with Helix by using their Health Savings and Flex Spending Accounts to pay for Helix services.

Does Double Helix provide healthcare?

Double Helix is a technology provider for patients and doctors. Using our software, Helix Medical Group delivers online healthcare for patients in Illinois.

Does Helix Health take insurance?

We recommend Helix Health patients pay with their tax deductible Health Savings or Flex Spending Account contributions. Helix health patients do have the option of paying for laboratory results with their existing health insurance coverage. Additionally, we offer reimbursement assistance to interested patients.

When should users consult Helix Health?

Helix is an affordable alternative when an in person-visit is unnecessary. Helix Health is not an emergency services provider. If you have a medical emergency you should consult your doctor or go to the nearest hospital.

Does Helix Health replace my primary care physician?

Absolutely not. Helix Health is available when your primary care provider is not. We provide Primary Care Support (SM) as a compliment to your regular, in-person primary care visits.

Are Helix Health physicians board certified?

Yes. Helix Medical Group is comprised of Illinois state licensed practitioners including doctors, nurses and counselors. Helix Medical Group are experts in the prevention and management of chronic conditions.

If diagnosed, how long for my Rx delivery?

After a consultation, practitioners may authorize a new prescription or the renewal of an existing prescription. If so, patients have the option to purchase their medication online within the Helix Health & Wellness Patient Gateway. Prescriptions are sent out and should be received by patients within 1 - 3 business days.

Where are prescriptions filled?

All prescriptions prescribed by Helix Medical Group practitioners are legally made and distributed in Illinois. Prescriptions are then shipped to Helix patients.

Is Helix Health only for those at risk for chronic disease?

No, Helix is for anyone looking to be more engaged in their health. In addition to chronic disease management, we also offer mental health services, preventative services and concierge services, all designed to help healthy patients stay healthy.

What if I don't have video on my PC?

Don't worry. If you do not meet the necessary hardware or software requirements we encourage you to consult with Helix practitioners on your mobile device using our mobile enabled web application.