Our Focus

Double Helix Group brings cloud-based technology and innovation to preventative healthcare and chronic disease management.

Our care and prevention programs are rooted in the top clinical standards for healthcare professionals including
the American Medical Association, American Telemedical Association, American Diabetes Association, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, American College of Preventative Medicine, Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

With our individualized programs, we help patients with the following:


Our chronic care management programs specifically target diabetes. Self-management and interactive education drive our integrative approach.


Cardiac disease and high blood pressure are two of the most prevalent and expensive chronic conditions. Helix targets both with an integrative approach.


Obesity is often the leading cause for the development of diabetes and hypertension. Activity and tracking behavior drives success.

Mental Health

Telehealth is an accepted and recognized means of treating psychological and behavioral distress. Our counselors use an integrative approach with PCPs.


Prevention is the key to self-management. With regular access to chronic disease specialists, Helix patients can stay healthy and avoid catastrophic events.


Integrative approaches include nutritional education and support from registered dietitians. Ongoing education promotes success.

Rx Management

Helix's online healthcare model allows patients to consolidate and manage prescriptions conveniently, including free home delivery.

Identify Risk

Our medically centered, online health programs tack and measure patient outcomes. Identifying risks before they become problems saves money and lives.

How We Do It

Our affordable programs allow users to confidently access secure services through web enabled devices.
The Helix concierge, online healthcare model makes it convenient and affordable for patients and practitioners to identify health risks and prevent or manage disease.

Our Solutions
  • Accountable Care
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Primary Care Support
  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition & Diet
  • Rx Management
  • Identify Risks
  • Disease Prevention

Our technology exceeds existing compliance standards, increasing interoperability and facilitating meaningful health information exchange.

Helix digital architecture is HIPAA and ONC compliant. We support Meaningful Use and are enabled for Blue Button and HL7. Our technology is essential if you want to become an accountable care organization and achieve Meaningful Use requirements. With Helix, it's possible to make breakthroughs in strategic initiatives such as coordinating care, managing population health and engaging with patient and physician communities.

Double Helix programs support engagement in between regular visits with your primary care provider. Our care coordination model, Primary Care Support(SM) empowers individuals and organizations to engage providers in between regularly scheduled visits.

Helix Health delivers this model with a customer service approach, helping patients self-manage in partnership with their doctor.

Helix Health & Wellness targets increasingly high costs of providing health benefits for employers of all sizes. We apply a customer service approach to healthcare and wellness.

This directly results in fewer benefits claims, better attendance and happier, healthier employees. Our care model, Primary Care Support (SM), empowers employees to develop a plan and engage with providers year round.

The Helix Health Network targets the increasingly high costs of providing accountable healthcare. Our technology is adaptable to providers of all sizes.

Helix empowers patients to develop a plan and engage with providers all year, between regular visits. Our online clinical services provide proactive, measurable results. These factors relate directly to the accountability of cost, effectiveness and quality of care delivery.

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Tracking & Monitoring

Conveniently integrate health data from wireless devices like scales, blood pressure cuffs, glucose and activity meters.

Tracking & Monitoring

We integrate with personal health devices & monitors to transmit data - making your activity an actionable part of your health record. We're also Blue Button enabled.

Avoid Unforeseen Risks

The ER should be a last resort! We deliver medically centered, online programs that track and measure health risks.

Avoid Unforeseen Risks

Helix Medical Staff and counselors exclusively use Double Helix technology to support patients in self-managing of their conditions year round.

Medical Treatment

Double Helix technology allows practitioners to deliver quality, affordable and effective care online.

Medical Treatment

Our care model, Primary Care Support (SM), empowers individuals and organizations to develop a plan and engage with providers all year long.

Customer Service

Our Team compassionately supports employers, practitioners and patients achieve better outcomes.

Customer Service

The Helix Health Team delivers care with a customer service approach. We focus on helping people self-manage in partnership with their doctor.